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About Ambience Outburst

Alex Smith at the piano

Alex Smith (a.k.a. Ambience Outburst) was born in England in 1986. After only one year, his parents moved the family back to their original country: Texas. 15 years later, while attending his 9th grade year at Burleson High School, he found a way to finally express all those feelings he's been feeling all his life. Music. Ever since then, it's all he's even wanted to do. Since 2000, he has "released" 8 albums: Ambience Outburst, Chemical Simplicity, Theory of Resolution, Cold Burn, Test, Infinity Squared, Unleashed, and Audio Stone. After high school, Alex attended the Dallas Sound Lab in Los Colinas. While there, he earned certificates in Audio Recording, Post Production/Mixing and Mastering, Live Sound Re-inforcement, Song Production, and Music Business. Alex and his wife Laura are currently living in Rexburg, ID and going to school at BYU-Idaho. He's a CIT major, but it's just going to be a job. His passion will always be Music.